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July 23, 2009

Starter – from scratch – update

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Ok, so – my new starter is already kicking ass and taking names.  Some “facts” though.

Starter recipe from scratch note: Within 24 hours your starter should have doubled and should have a nice froth on the top.

Starter1 has NEVER doubled in 24 hours except maybe the first time I ever made bread with it.  Period.

Starter 2 has been doubling (no froth) for the last 6 days or so.  Whohoo!  Obviously this bodes well for when I actually make bread with it.

The blue rubber band represents not only Starter 2 – but where it was this morning when I dumped most of it and added 100g of flour and 100g of water.  So just 12 hours later – OVER doubled.  YAHOO!


The other big note is that you can REALLY see the difference.  The new starter is full of big air bubbles.  I know eventually that translate into some kick butt bread that’ll be nice and fluffy.  Take a look at the other starter – hardly any air bubbles!

The only thing with starter 2 right now is no froth.  Here’s a side by side comparison with Starter 1.  Starter one DOES tend to froth more than Starter 2.

Starter 1

Starter 1

Starter 2

Starter 2

So we’ll see how that goes in the next few days.  Starter 2 is SUPPOSED to be done in a day or two…


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