A n00b attempts Sourdough and Reports

January 2, 2010

It’s all about the starter

Filed under: Consistancy, sourdough, Starter — alie0bronwynn @ 5:16 am

One thing I’ve learned, for sure, is that it’s all about the starter.  I tried one with store bought yeast, one with only flour and water (supposedly the “best” sourdough method) twice and my latest (which is still at least 6-7 months old now) which is constructed with pineapple juice as the fermenter.  I’ve heard you can also do this with grapes – any sugar will help instigate the fermentation process.

The pineapple juice starter has DEFINITELY been the best so far.  It consistently replenishes, the dough rises nicely (not fabulous, but good).  The first few batches made from the starter were not very sour, but now the flavor is great!

So – what’s the best method?  I have no clue, I think it depends on where you live, the kind of environment you have in your household and the position of the stars – but you should definitely play around and find the best starter for YOU.


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