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March 22, 2010

It’s like candy and no one told me?!

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Ok, news flash.  Organic Rye Flour is “like candy” to yeast.  And no one told me.  Suddenly my new favorite, uber fluffy, sourdough recipe makes sense – it has more rye flour than I’ve used before.  Suddenly the starter I found that was successful makes sense – I added more rye flour.

Thus – this blog.  Rye.  It’s like candy to yeast.  Use it and win.


Best Sourdough so far

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Hi Everyone!

Ok – I haven’t said it before, but I have a new favorite site for all things Sourdough.  All level of people post here, answer questions and so on.  Home bakers to Bakery Owners.  Yeah, capital B capital O.  Because those people who do this for a living and make money deserve the props.

http://www.sourdough.com/   – I love viewing the forum, asking questions, going after the latest and most recommended recipes and procedures.

Someone there recommended this recipe.  It made what is now THE BEST SOURDOUGH I’ve made so far.  Take a look at those air bubbles!

I let it sit in the fridge overnight (about 16-17 hours).  It was sour, great crust, fluffy and great air bubbles.  I can’t wait to use this recipe and try rosemary bread, chocolate rolls, walnut bread and bread bowls.

Here is a link to the recipe – http://www.wildyeastblog.com/2007/07/08/my-new-favorite-sourdough/

Go. Bake. ENJOY!

July 15, 2009

Recipe attempt…

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Ok, so I’ve so far been going off of this recipe for my sourdough bread.


I’ve liked it, but so far my bed doesn’t rise UP very well, but only out.  I am thinking this could be from my starter not being  “alive” as well as it should be.  Not to mention the fact that I was working from a starter made from yeast.

But anyway, recently I decided to try another recipe.


First off – it made two HUGE loaves of bread.  Too much for just me and my Fiancee to eat before it went bad.

It rose pretty well, but the main reason I won’t be using this recipe in the future is because it didn’t taste great.  The sourdough flavor was only an aftertaste and not the real taste – very different from my other recipe.

allrecipes.com - Sourdough Bread I

allrecipes.com - Sourdough Bread I

The crust was better on this batch than previous batches, but I think that’s because I finally learned – SPRAY the crust with water.  I have also read that you can use an egg wash on your crust – that will be the next test, along with my new starter.

Anyway – there’s my info.

Oh, I should probably also let you know. it raised overnight, and then again all day long.  Long rise.  I might blame my starter, though.

July 14, 2009

Holy Crap – 14 days?!!

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First off, I’d like to address something about baking sourdough bread that EVERYONE seems to think when you first start.  It takes TIME and that BLOWS.

Yes, we are usually talking at LEAST a full 8 hour day for a loaf of bread.  But let me tell you something.  Most of my cookie recipes take me at least an hour of solid work to get a batch of cookies.  mixing, preheating, putting the dough on the sheets, 8-10 minutes in the oven, transfer to cooling rack, next batch in…etc, etc.  The amount of ACTUAL time it takes me for a loaf of sourdough bread.  Time of ACTUAL working on it?  About 25 minutes.  Yeah.  That 25 minutes is spread out over hours and hours as my bread rises, but seriously.  That’s it.   So yeah, the work takes place over days sometimes, but it’s not hard work.

Ok, so far this is the BEST Blog I found for starting a STARTER.


It’s the old timey method, just flour and water – but it takes 14 days of oversight.  I’d average my “daily work” at about 3-5 minutes. Tough, right.  Poor thing.
This particular recipe uses Rye Flour and White Flour.  AND recommends Organic for both and fancy water.

I am using Organic Rye Flour I found at the supermarket and regular old Unbleached Bread Flour I also found at the supermarket.  I’m also using regular old tap water.  I’m not as hard core as this guy apparently.

One thing I am doing is using boiling water to clean of all my equipment before using it on the starter.  Apparently a new starter is VERY sensitive and easy to kill, so I’m playing it safe.

I’m currently just past Day 4 – and I had some yeast growing!!!  I’m SO excited.  The first 3 days were just flour and water, flour and water – and it just looked like goop.  This was the first day of small bubbles forming which means the yeast is growing.

It's ALIVE!!!

It's ALIVE!!!

One thing I’ve learned from all of this.  Yeast is HUNGRY.

Your STARTER is like a pet.  You have to constantly feed it to keep it alive.  The creation of your STARTER is the exact same thing.  You start off encouraging the yeast to grow and feeding it ALL the time.  At least every day for 14 days.

You will also be tossing a LOT of your flour and water.  I wish I had compost for this part.  It feels like a shame, but I know that if I can create better bread in the end, it’ll be worth it.

NOTE:  Another difference I’m doing is in the blog they cover theirs with plastic wrap.  I’ve read that yeast needs air, so I’m covering mine with a  paper towel to make sure it gets air.  Part of what makes the yeast grow IS the air – which is just one reason San Francisco Sourdough is known throughout the world.  There is just SOMETHING about the air here.  I love that I live here and get to “use” it in my bread.

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