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August 27, 2015

I thought my Starter was a goner

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Last post almost 5 years ago – whaaaa??  Long time, no see.  But I had to find my old recipe and I just went through something and thought I’d share.

Two kids, and YEARS later I haven’t made bread in almost 2 years, but I did keep my starter.  It has moved with me from San Francisco to Austin, TX and now to Seattle, WA.  After living here 2 years I’d realized I hadn’t refreshed my starter since.  IT was GROSS.  The top inch or so was black and the smell… well – I certainly worried my 10-year-old starter had officially kicked the bucket for good.  But I was willing to try.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Dug through that layer of disgusting filth to the stuff that still looked like starter underneath.
  2. Used about a tablespoon of it – and tossed the rest.
  3. Refreshed, refreshed and refreshed again.
    1. This took about a week of refreshing when the starter seemed to reach its max potential before it really started doubling as normal.  A heavy hand with the rye flour REALLY helped in this case.

The starter is now doubling more like its old self but the sour smell is really more hard-core than before.  Since my “Sourdough” was never super sour I’m wondering if the accidental killing of it has, in some ways, made it a better starter.  I plan on making bread this weekend so I will let you know.

Thank goodness it’s hard to kill sourdough!!


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