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January 14, 2010

Best crust so far

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After much baking I’ve found the best crust is to mist the bread with olive oil throughout the rising process and then right after you put your dough in the oven you mist/spray it with water.

Oh – and this is “THE” best oven process I’ve found so far.

Heat the oven to 500 degrees with a shallow pan in the bottom and a baking stone above.

Prepare a cup of ice with cold water just before putting the bread in.  (there is some debate if the water should be hot or ice cold (with ice in it).  This is to add steam to your oven (professional bakers get equipment that will do this for them, bastards). So far I’ve found using cold water and ice that it keeps the oven steamy the entire cooking time which makes the crust better.

Put the bread in.  Using an oven glove (otherwise the steam will burn you) pour the water into the shallow pan and close the door ASAP!

A second later I take my spray bottle and mist the loaves for a bit (not soaking, just misting the loaves and the oven walls a bit).

Close the doors and TURN THE OVEN DOWN TO 450 degrees.  I’ve totally forgotten to do this numerous times and DAMMIT.  So DEFINITELY turn the oven down.

5 minutes later put in another batch of Ice Water.  Mist loaves again, close door.

10 minutes later turn the loaves around for even baking (if you have bread on two levels, switch levels).  Mist loaves again.

Then, bake your goods until they are golden brown and sound hollow when you tap them.   Mist the loaves again, close door for 1 minute, pull the loaves out.  Depending on how they look I might mist them again after they are out until they look “shiny”.  But that seems to be a looks thing more than changing the actual taste of the bread.

So, after lots of trial and error – that’s what I’ve personally found works best.

Good luck!!


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