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January 1, 2010

Ok, I finally get the fridge

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It’s taken me until today to realize how the refrigerator can play into your baking and how.  Last Christmas I made rolls for my in-laws and my family.  I made the dough at the same time, but cooked the rolls for my in-laws Christmas Eve and then the rolls for my family Christmas Day.  I stored my family’s rolls in the fridge, very nervously might I add.

But here is the key, that is simple but no one ACTUALLY states out load and lists the implications.  Your refrigerator slows the fermentation/rising process.

Here is how you use the refrigerator in your baking.

Starter goes in the fridge – because it slows the process it keeps your starter “fresher” than if it was out.  If it’s out all the time, you need to replenish/freshen your starter every day, if it’s in the fridge the process is slower so it can wait a week.

Rising your bread overnight – you can do this in the fridge because it doesn’t STOP the process, only slows it.  This way you can do the second rise the next day because as the bread warms the process speeds up again.

Barm goes in the fridge overnight – If your recipe calls for making barm it generally goes in the fridge overnight because, let’s be honest, no one would bake if it was a 12 hour process.  So, the barm rises for a few hours and hits the cooler to slow down before you add more flour & water to give it more to feed on.

So – I’ve spelled it out.  The fridge slows the process down.  So if you want to put a halt on your baking at some point and restart – you use your fridge.

P.S.  I’ve also heard that leaving the dough in the fridge overnight can increase the sour taste – I haven’t done a comparison yet.


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